Automated Bartending
for Every Business

The Somabar® automated bartender is designed to go where human bartenders can’t.
The perfect solution for hotel rooms, restaurants and lounges.

Self-sufficient in every way

Create your own menu from a list of 300 cocktails choices from the International Bartenders Association, mix any drink in 10 seconds and never leave a mess with automated cleaning.

10 Seconds to Make a Drink
7 SomaPodTM Containers
Huge & Customizable Menu
Automated Self-Cleaning
App Controlled

Solutions for every business

The Somabar® automated bartender can be operated by employees or guests. Whether you manage a restaurant, hotel or lounge, we have an operating system that fits your business needs.

Hotel rooms

The Somabar® automated bartender is the future of in-room professional cocktail service. With anti-theft protection, menu lock-down features and automated cleaning, Somabar has made in-room bartending a reality.


Did you know that only 5 percent of restaurants that serve alcohol can afford a full-time bartender? The Somabar® automated bartender can turn any waiter or cashier into a bartender while they punch in a food order. It’s that easy.

Lounges and Stadiums

The perfect solution for airport lounges, stadium boxes and private venues. Whether your guest is enjoying a concert, sports game or waiting for a flight, elevate their experience with the Somabar® automated bartender.

How it works

Create a menu that works for your business and fill up your seven SomaPodTM containers with corresponding liquors and mixers. The Somabar® automated bartender will make any selected drink in 10 seconds or less. It even cleans itself automatically at the end of service.

Select or create your menu
Fill SomaPodTM containers
Select a drink

Ready to take your beverage service to the next level?

Hotels, restaurant chains, lounges, private clubs and even airline carriers are requesting The Somabar® automated bartender. Let us show you how Somabar can transform your business.

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