• What are the dimensions and weight?

    Somabar currently measures at 19"x11"x15" We won't have a final weight until we begin the production process, but we estimate that an empty Somabar will weigh around 15lbs. Each Somabar container holds about 750mL except for the 1.5
    L water container. If you're going all out and fill up every container you're looking at 30-40lbs.

    Why isn’t this available right now?

    That's why we had our Kickstarter campaign. We have a very experienced production team that has already started the manufacturing process, since our successfully funded Kickstarter campaign ended on January 13.

    Is there a warranty?

    Indeed. Somabar will come with a 1 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. If you are the party type and want some extra insurance, we will offer reasonably priced options for accidental damage.

  • World-wide compatibility?

    You got it. We want every country joining in on the Somabar fun. So we are making sure it's compatible for 110v and 220v outlets.

    How do I clean it?

    We've got you covered. The Soma Pods are easily removable, portable and dishwasher-safe. Even better, we have an automated water-flushing system so the internals of Somabar are always clean, ensuring every drink tastes like your first.

    How Many Drinks Can I Make?

    The Somabar menu contains over 300 different drinks to choose from. Talk about variety!

  • What About Those Soma Pods?

    The Soma Pods are what make Somabar so versatile. They are food safe and BPA free. If you want to store them in the fridge or freezer, no problem. Soma Pods are also sealed and airtight keeping your favorite ingredients fresh and always ready to serve. If you want to share them with your friends they are also portable and leak free. And finally, they are dishwasher-safe. Liquor bottles are so last century.

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