We believe most appliances will be entirely controlled through your smart device in the future. So we thought, why not get the ball rolling now? Somabar is controlled wirelessly through your smart device using our easy to navigate app. We didn't put a screen on the machine because you already have one on your phone and another on your tablet, so why use more of our planet’s resources to make more screens than you really need? We thought so as well.


Somabar has the ability to gently infuse a few dashes of bitters, a botanically infused alcoholic mixture, made of water, alcohol, herbs and spices, into every drink.


Somabar’s Soma Pods are removable and dishwasher-safe; and you easily refill them right from the top. If you want to share them with your friends or simply have more options, no problem, they are airtight and portable. Making you even more popular.


So where am I going to put this beautiful appliance anyway? Well, the good news is Somabar has been made to fit in all standard kitchens and can slide right under your kitchen cabinets. Your coffee maker will be envious!


There are a handful of products out there which are automated bartenders, but they are eight to ten times more expensive than Somabar and, worse, they don’t even mix your ingredients! They just dump them in a glass. We don’t consider that a cocktail. Instead, Somabar thoroughly mixes every drink before it is dispensed into your glass. Now that’s a real cocktail!


Every time you switch to a different cocktail, Somabar quickly and automatically flushes out the system ensuring your new cocktail is not polluted with the opposing flavor of the previous one. Wow, that’s cool


We have a beautiful menu, but we also want to bring out your inner ‘mixologist’, so we made it very easy for you to make customized recipes, allowing your Somabar to show your unique personality and turn you into a mixologist instantly. Now that's how you impress a date.


It takes Somabar just seconds to make a cocktail. Wait… Really? Yes, really.